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  The BRFAIR (Association of Fairtrade Producers Organizations of Brazil) has as goal to gather and politically represent the Organizations of Small Producers of Fair Trade in Brazil. In other words, BRFAIR seeks to defend and spread the principles and values of Fair Trade, from the point of view of the Brazilian producer groups.

  Our main mission is to support, strengthen and develop the Brazilian Fairtrade Organizations, as well as get support from the consumers and spread the concepts, values and principles of the Fair Trade movement.

  Our organizations are certified with the international Fairtrade label. In addition, most of them also have the label of family agriculture in Brazil.

  The main products produced by our members are coffee, orange and fruit juice.

  In the map below, it is possible to observe the location of Associations and Cooperatives associated with BRFAIR.

Em breve, estaremos disponibilizando mais informações sobre nossos associados.

Contact numbers

(16) 99622-0708


Rua Odete dos Anjos Ferreira, 43, bairro São Benedito, Poço Fundo - Minas Gerais / Brasil

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